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Live the experience of Kitesurfing in the most beautiful place in Colombia.

Fun and safety

Custom classes

Book your adventure using all our best gear, safe in the hands of our qualified and professional instructors.

Adventure for all ages

From ages 6 to 60

The perfect activity for adrenaline junkies those who want to fly along the water.


The best experience on the island with the sea of 7 colors...

Clases Kitesurf dia 1

Clases Kitesurf dia 2

Clases Kitesurf dia 2

Personalized Kite Lessons

On the first day you can learn::

• 1: Wind directions (upwind and downwind).
• 2: Know the parts of gear and proper assembly.
• 3: Navigation areas and parking areas.
• 4: Use of security systems.

BodyDrag: The kite is contacted in different positions of the wind window. Control of the kite and displacement without board. Keep the kite in the correct position in the wind window. Change direction while doing body Drag.

On the second day you will learn:

• 1: Kite Re-Launch.
• 2: Board Rescue.
• 3: Body drag with one hand.
• 4: Auto-Rescue

On the third day you will learn:

• 1: Put the board on your feet.
• 2: Keep the position for starting.
• 3: Execute the displacement in both directions.
• 4: Learn to upwind and downwind.

Clases Fresstyle 1

Clases Freestyle 2

Clases Freestyle 3

Freestyle Lessons

On the first day you can learn:

• 1: Correct board setting.
• 2: Correct kite setting.
• 3: Theory of the trick to be performed.
• 4: Practice on water with instructor.

On the second part of the class you can receive:

• 1: Supervision on water by the instructor.
• 2: Tips to improve learning trick.
• 3: Recommendations and variants of the trick in learning

You can choose the trick you most want to learn:

Basic: • Darkslide • Back • Front.
Medium: KiteLoops.
Advanced: Handle Pass.

Paseo Tandem 1

Paseo Tandem 2

Paseo Tandem 3

Tour Tandém

In this tour you will enjoy initially:

• 1: Gear induction and their names.
• 2: Guide on wind management.
• 3: Theory about the movements to execute.
• 4: Photographic record of all experience.

On the second part of the tour you can:

• 1: Admire closely the beautiful colors of the sea.
• 2: Enjoy the sensation of surfing on the water.
• 3: Live the experience of flying with the different jumps.

Enjoy this incredible experience ideal for all ages:

• 1: Boys and girls from 6 years old or more.
• 2: Adults 60 years or older.

hospedaje san andres islas 1


We have different options and prices:

• 1: Excellent location at 1 block from the beach.
• 2: Excellent quality and service.
• 3: Green area, kitchen, hot water and air conditioning

snorkel san andres islas

Tour Snorkeling

An unforgettable adventure:

More than 100 varieties of fish.
Different types of coral.
Possibility to see stingrays, turtles, sharks, lobsters and more

parasailing san andres islas

Tour Parasailing

Fly over the sea of 7 colors:

• Parte 1: Tour around the bay.
• Parte 2: Flight of 20 minutes.
• Parte 3: Return to land through the bay

Curso Kitesurf

Personalized Kite Lessons

In this course you can learn and practice all basic skills in sessions of 2 or 3 hours sessions per day.

$1.500.000 cop x Person

Clases Freestyle

Freestyle Kitesurf Lessons

In this 2 hours class you can improve your rider level and learn new tricks based on your own skill set.

$400.000 cop x Person

Paseo Tandem

Tour Kitesurf Tándem

A knowledgeable pilot will take you to jump and sail through kitesurfing and experience the sea of seven colors in a spectacular tour for 15 minutes.

$150.000 cop x Person

Kitetrip San Andres

DownWind KiteTrip

A spectacular tour for different Kite Spot on the island of San Andrés.

$400.000 cop x Person

Servicio Hostal

Hostel Service

If you do not find hotels available on the island, we have many options for accommodation.

Quote your hostel

Alquiler y venta Kitesurf

Sale & Rent

We have new and used equipment in excellent condition for rent and sale with incredible prices.

Start at $150.000 cop x Hour

Paseo Snorkeling

Tour Snorkeling

We will take you on a boat to the great coral reef, where you will have the chance to see over 60 variations of fish and colorful corals, including turtles, stingrays, sharks, octopus and lobsters.

$70.000 cop x Person

Paseo Parasailing

Tour Parasailing

You will have the possibility of sailing on a yacht and fly at a height of 200 meters, a journey of 1 hour and 45 minutes with 20 minute flight and tour of the bay in the sea of 7 colors.

$200.000 cop x Person

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  • Qualified Staff

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